How can we do affiliate marketing using reddit


How can we do affiliate marketing using Reddit

Where I’m going to show you in this blog how you can make $500 with Reddit using 4 methods.

I’ll be showing you how you can make money with Reddit. Check this out. So, I’m going to show you not1, not 2 but 4 methods that you can use to get your affiliate links out there. It’s pretty easy. We’re going to go on my computer in just a second here andI’ll be showing you step by step how you can get your links out.

How you can target people effectively so that the right people are viewing your links, they’re clicking on them and making your sales and making you money. Let’s get it. So, check this out. 330 million people use Reddit every single month.

Now, you may not have heard of Reddit but it’s a very popular site to get news and just other information on different topics. It’s like a discussion board, okay? On Reddit, all of these people, you can reach them all.

And you can reach them through a number of methods which I’m about to show you let’s go over on my computer. I’m going to show you these 4 methods to make money on Reddit. They’re submitting a link, okay?

There is submitting a post. There’s commenting on other people’s posts and they’re sending a direct message to people. But even better. If you stand to the end, I’m going to give you a bonus method that works instantly, okay? I’ll go over that at the end. But let’s get into these methods. These are all free methods where you can make up to $500 a day posting links on Reddit, okay?

Once again, $500 a day posting links on Reddit. Now before we get started you’re going to need to have an affiliate link in which to promote, okay? Now, to make $500 a day, you’ll want to use Clickbank and promote my product.

And I’m going to be using my product as an example of promotion. But you can use this method for any product from any of these affiliate networks. Now, I recommend you join every single one, okay? Join every single affiliate network.

And I have a bunch listed out here. I have ClickBank, digistore. Which you can sign up for. Max web. Super Affiliate Network you know, which is great. If you want to be a super affiliate. There are 6-figure mentors.

Clickfunnels, affiliate program, and ShareASale. So I recommend you join every single one. I remember when I very first got started in affiliate marketing. I just joined one affiliate network. It was actually ShareASale.

And I thought that you really liked the way to do affiliate marketing was to just join ina you know, one affiliate network. And I was so excited when I got accepted. You know, they send you an email and they say, “You just got accepted.”

And I was like, “Oh!Sweet!” And they give you login information. I was like, “Wow, I can actually make money on the internet now.” I got in there and I was just checking out all the products and you know I’m not gonna go through that waste your time on that now.

But I was looking at all these products to promote. And I started putting up posts and I start putting up ads. And I start trying to get my links out there. Because back in 2009 or… Yeah, 2009. Or 2010, when you could post affiliate links just in an ad.

Nowadays, you can’t post a Facebook or a Google ad with an affiliate link in it. But what I was doing was I was posting up these links and you know spending money and nobody was buying. Nobody was buying from my links.

And I just didn’t know why. And the product selection on share sale wasn’t that good for what I was doing. It’s not good for super-cold traffic. I didn’t realize that at the time. I didn’t realize I could join other affiliate networks and find products.

And once I started in around 2011, I said, “Okay, you know what? Screw this.” And it took me about a year before I worked up the courage to apply to other affiliate networks to see what other products were out there that I could promote.

That what I ended up getting me really into the loop of things. So, I just joined. You know, I joined about ten other affiliate networks. I must have applied to 25 affiliate networks, And I got accepted to maybe 10.

Once I started seeing, I started seeing the similarities. And what products sold and what products didn’t. Because every Network shows what products are hot what products are not. That started making it like actually real for me.

And I started seeing, “Oh, wow.”Like, this isn’t just ShareASale. This is there’s so many affiliate networks you can choose from. They really suggest you apply to as many affiliate networks as you can.

And get accepted to some of them and check out the product. Let’s move forward. So, on Reddit, let’s look at some of the popular posts, okay? So, Reddit looks like this. It’s really kind of old-school looking site. It’s just news.

This picture isn’t banned in China. Hundreds of it. You know, people are just talking about all sorts of stuff. Once we have our affiliate links, so you get your affiliate link. And if you’re going by my method, you go to Clickbank.

You’re going to go to the product marketplace. And you’re going to go into this category right here, okay? So, its called business and marketing. Now, after you click an e-business and marketing, you will see a number of different products in the category, okay? You’ll see421 products you can promote right there.

Now, one of the top products will be my product. And this says “Super affiliate system, auto webinar.” Okay? Right there. And you get paid roughly $500 per sale if you promote this product.

So, I’m just going to grab the link real quick and we’re going to use one of my accounts and I’m just going to say Reddit. Generate a hop link. See, I generated a hop link right there. To get an account, you need to obviously have an account created.

I’m going to copy this link here. Or you could click this button to copy the link. I’m just going to throw this in a little notepad. Now, whatI’m going to do next is I’m going to shorten the link just because it doesn’t look pretty.

It’s not a very click-worthy link. So, I’m just going to go here. I’m going to paste in my link. As you see, I pasted it in this box right here. And I’m just going to click this button shortens. Okay. So, this link turned into this one which is smaller and prettier.

Then I’ll click copy. Now, it’s cool about this is with this specific link I will know. If I’m trying a lot of these free traffic methods and I suggest you try them all.I’m going to have my people put a link to my playlist of free traffic methods up in the little button things somewhere over here.

I can track what marketing channels are making me sales so then I just focus on those in the future. But let does not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s go into the actual method that of how you can make $500 just by posting links without spending any money on Reddit.

Okay. So, we’re on Reddit. And they have this funky little alien right here. Guys thumb up for aliens. Sci-fi fans. You’re sci-fi fans, say “sci-fi fan” in the comments. I’m a huge science-fiction fan. Movies, video games, books. I’m all into it.

So, if you’re a sci-fi fan, type in “sci-fi fans” in the comments. I’m actually reading the new Neil Stevenson book. Really cool. First, we have to target who we show our link to. Now,

the program you’ll be promoting is about E-business and marketing.


It’s about starting an online business. You don’t want to put your link up for all 330 million people. That would take a lot of time. So, we want to get targeted. Okay? Because 330million people, a huge group of people not every one of these people on Reddit is interested in actually starting an online business.

You know some people are happy with their jobs. Some people are more concerned with like family or domestic issues or raising kids or whatever it is. They’re not… Their focus is not on starting a business.

You know, most people are scared of starting a business or side hustle. Some people don’t have computers. You know, I don know. There are a million reasons. But we want to get really targeted we just want to find the small chunk of these people.

Okay? If you think of it like a pie, we want to find a small sliver of people that is going to be most likely to buy from our link. That’s going to click it. That’s going to be interested in the link we post and going to buy from it.

So, we need to find people who are interested in marketing an online business. Let’s go over here. So, what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to use the search bar right here. And I’m going to search for a few different subReddits.

So, I’m just going to search marketing, okay? Search marketing. And there’s marketing and stuff and I can click join, okay? Content marketing, join. Okay? Let’s look for more stuff. Let’s look for affiliate marketing. Even better.

Okay? We could join more. We could join. So, you want to join every group that you can so that your startups. You know, finding problems and solving them. So, you want to join all these groups. Now, let’s just say we’re going to start in the entrepreneur niche.

Or I’ll be showing you where to get that later on, okay? But let’s just follow along. Okay. So, there are a few things we can do here actually to get our links out. So, the first method actually looks right here. Okay, submit a new link.

So, you can actually just submit your link right here and people will see it. You know. So, just like all these discussion boards. So, we’re going to click this. Then click submit a new link. So, it says you know, you are submitting a new link. The blah, blah, blah.

The key to this is getting your link out there but also don’t just copy what I do. Try to modify it. The more you modify what I do… And you can certainly copy but the more you modify it, the more you make it better and learn from what you’re doing.

The better you will get at marketing. So, we’re going to go back to our notepad here and we’re going to get our little affiliate link right here. And we’re just going to type that in and it says “title”. So, we’re just going to say a title. So, I’m going to go actually to my document here.

We’re on the Reddit category and it gives us some ideas of topics to target. Subreddits. But we want to submit a link method. So, we’re going to type in our affiliate link. We’re going to use a video and let’s type in “Pretty cool training” So, this is the title we’re going to use for the link and I’m just going to copy this.

I’m going to go to Reddit and I’m going to paste this in. The stuff in brackets is stuff you replace. So, I’m going to delete this. And I’m going to say pretty cool training on how to make money as… I’m going to use nursing as our example.

Just to give you like abroad thing. “how to earn a side income as a nurse”. Now, you might be wondering, “, why didn’t you like to capitalize like the first letter of each… You know, the first letter of the sentence.

Should be capitalized, right?” You might be wondering why didn’t I capitalize on it? Or why didn’t I why am I not using proper spelling or grammar? And the reason is that people don’t use proper spelling or grammar.

Many normal people at least on Reddit don’t capitalize on the first letter of each sentence. That’s just how normal people communicate. Not necessary to always use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Because you want to make your post seem like it’s just a normal post. If it seems like marketing then it probably is. So, don’t make your posts seem like marketing. Got it? Type in “got it” in the comments if you understand it.

If you don’t understand this, all right. You know this is marketing 101. Now, what I also suggest you do is you leave this little checkbox a checked on. Because if somebody replies and is asking for more information, remember this is $500 at stake.

If they say, “Is this real? Is this business model for real? Can people really make money doing this?” You responded you say, “Yes.” Okay? The more you communicate with people, again, people will want to…People will want to contact you.

You say “Can I really make money as a nurse doing this?” You just give them assurance and say “yes”. Because a normal advertisement would not respond to you, right? But you want to make $500.So, we’re going to make it.

Okay, so we can add in some text here too. So, if you want, you could say, you know… You can write something. So, I’m just going to say “This is a pretty cool free training I came across that seems like a great way for nurses to make a little extra money on the side. It’s pretty long over 1 hour. But the presenter seems really smart.”

Okay. So now, the text that you can copy and you can use for this, I put in the document. But really what it says is this is a pretty cool free training I came across. It seems like a great way for nurses and so you can just a great way for the profession.

You might say startup founders or you might say “entrepreneurs”. Or you might say”marketers”. Or you might say “drop shippers”. Okay. Whatever channel you’re targeting on Reddit you would put that type of person in the place where the profession is. In my case, I’m targeting nurses.

Once again, you see, I’m not using proper spelling, grammar, punctuation throughout this. Because this is how normal people type. So, I post that here. Going to verify I’m not a robot again. And then I’m going to click submit.

Now, we have our link-up. Now, the other ways that you can actually post links in Reddit. There are 3 others. And I’m going to go through them really quickly. But hopefully, you’re seeing the idea here. So, the next method to post links up would be…

Let’s say we go to Reddit and we’re going to go once again to one of our sub-Reddits. And you can submit a text post. So, you see right here, you can submit a text post. You can do that with your affiliate link.

So, you’d click right there and you would submit a post about whatever you’re talking about. You would put the title in. Once again, you could use the same sort of style that we’re doing. Okay? So, if we’re doing an entrepreneur… Pretty cool training on how to make money as an entrepreneur, okay? “How to make extra money as an entrepreneur?”

Then you could throw in the text. And then you throw in all of this stuff. The only difference is when you copy and paste the text, there is no field for a link. So, what you’d want to do is you’d want to postin your link somewhere within the actual text post.

So, I’m just going to post it right here. And I’m going to replace this. And I’m going to say entrepreneurs to make a little extra money on the side. And then we would say “I’m not a robot”. And we just post it in.

Now, the third method is pretty obvious which is you can simply comment on other people’s posts. So, if you see here, we could do share your startup. And one thing to notice about each of these groups is you can see how many readers are on each group.

So, you see the startup’s group has 371,000 readers on this group. That’s a lot of people you can reach. And there are 226 people on it right now. So, you can share your links in a few ways. The third way is in the comments.

So, you actually go in the comments. And you can post about the actual whatever you want to post about. What I would suggest you do is if you have time is read through all of this and actually try to make your post congruent with whatever they’re looking for in the group. Or you can just simply blast your link out.

And using the comment method and just I’m going to copy and paste the text message example here. And I’m going to post this here. And it says, “Hey, stay silent on this. Okay? Promise you won’t share this private video outside this sub-Reddit.” and link. And what we’ll do is once again, we will replace that brackets in all with our link.

Boom! And we just will save it. Okay? So, boom! We just got our affiliate link on there. Check that out. Hundreds of thousands of people are on this Reddit. Thousands and thousands of people have read this post. So, our link is now posted.

Now, the fourth method to share your Reddit link with people is to actually direct message people who are interested in whatever you’re talking about. So, you see we have a number of people who have responded to posts in this subreddit.

So, we can open up all of these people. I just don’t…I control clicked and open them up in new tabs. And we can see we have FreeBeerRS right here. You’ll see a link that says “send a private message”. So, you can chat with them.

I haven’t tried that. But we can send them a private message that we can click here. And we can type in the subject. And we can say training for startup founders because once again, I saw them post in the startup founders up-Reddit.

And I’d write them a message. And once again, I would write to them I’m a simple message. So, maybe something like this: “Hey this free training has been a miracle for me. And I think it could benefit you as well. Check it out.”

Then we will post our short link. Now, that could be much better written, which could be much more personalized. But once again, what this is is this is getting your link out to people and we would just click send right here.

Boom! Our message has been delivered, okay? It’s that easy to get your links out to people. It’s really not difficult. All you have to do is do the work. You have to get on there you can post these links up as much as you can every single day. Post hundreds of links. The more links you post, the more sales you will get.

And once again, you get one sale of my products, you can get $500. Also, sign up for all of the different affiliate networks if you want to check out other products. And modify your text. Again, the more you modify your text or you can use different…

You know, you can get a leg up and you can personalize things, even more, to make people want to click it. And you want to want them… You want them to click it and you want them to watch the training.

Whoo! So, that was a lot of work. You know, that was a lot of stuff. But this is easy. It’s so easy to get affiliate marketing traffic. So easy to make sales. Give this just a big boom! Like, I want to see in the comments “boom!”

If you got some value from this and if you’re going to take action and actually do the work and get these links out there, make some money. And remember, when you make money, I make money too. So, you know, if you’re promoting my program or whatever.

Any of these programs. When you make money, I make money. So, this is… You in the number one meant money channel onYouTube. Number 1 money Channel. So, if you’re excited, we’re going to make money together. You know I’m making millions of dollars, you’re going to make a lot of money too. $500.

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